VET - AVIATION (Flight Attendants)

Statement of Attainment towards Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew)
Board of Studies Endorsed Course

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Why Study Aviation?

The Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew) was developed for students (male and female) wishing to enter the aviation industry as cabin crew (Flight Attendants). This course provides the skills and knowledge to assist students to prepare for a career in the sky (Cabin Crew) or on the ground (Ground Service Agent). In addition students develop self-confidence, personal presentation skills, and a wide range of other important capabilities that can be used in many customer service or safety related careers.

Course Description:

The course is composed of academic and practical skills associated with Flight Attendant duties. The course is delivered over two years and represents nationally recognised training and contributes 2 units towards the NSW HSC. The Aviation course is delivered four hours per week in Year 11 and three hours per week in Year 12 at the ATS facilities in Nowra and the Dapto Ribbonwood Centre in Dapto. Practical training is conducted at the Illawarra Regional Airport, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) and our Aircraft Cabin Simulator in Nowra. Students have the opportunity to visit Sydney Airport and attend tarmac days, Wings over Illawarra and other local aviation events. 

Course Commencement:

 Course Location  Commencement Date

Preliminary Year 11        
Nowra Monday 6th February 2017

Preliminary Year 11
Illawarra Thursday 9th February 2017

HSC Year 12
Nowra Tuesday 7th February 2017

HSC Yer 12
Illawarra Wednesday 8th February 2017

Units of Competency:

Listed below are the units of competency in the Statement of Attainment towards a Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew).

Preliminary Year 11 

AVIG2002 Work effectively in the aviation industry

BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities and development

AVIB3004 Manage and carry out pre and post flight cabin checks

AVIF0001 Apply aircraft safety procedures

AVIF0014 Manage human factors in aviation operations

AVIO2015 Apply and monitor aviation workplace security

HSC Year 12

TLIE3004 Prepare workplace documents

AVII2001 Provide customer service on an aircraft

AVII2003 Carry out beverage service on an aircraft

AVII2006 Conduct in-flight retailing

AVII0001 Advise on major services and attractions at aviation destinations

AVIF3005 Maintain the safety of people and aircraft

AVIF3006 Respond to abnormal and emergency situations in an aircraft

AVIO0002 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation

Course Structure:

The course content is delivered within the following ATS modules: 

Preliminary Year 11 Description Hours
Introduction to Aviation Orientation and induction into the aviation environment  30
Aviation Occupational Health & Safety OHS, human factors & situational awareness in the aviation workplace  60
Aviation Security Security of aircraft, passengers and crew 34

Total Year 11 124

HSC Year 12 Description Hours
Cabin Crew Documentation Prepare and process digital and paper-based documentation 10
Cabin Crew Customer Service Provide beverage and retail customer service 60
Abnormal and Emergency Procedures Emergency and evacuation procedures 50

Total Year 12 120
Course Work Placement

This course includes a 70 hour structured work placement requirement over 2 years. 


Learners are required to be able to read, write and speak English fluently. 

Qualification Outcome

Statement of Attainment towards a Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew) 

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